Two teenage lesbians were distraught after being told off by a McDonald's cleaner for a kissing on the cheek. Kristeen Ferenczi and her girlfriend left the Bolton restaurant in tears on 9 February.

Ferenczi, 16, and her 17-year-old girlfriend, who wishes to remain anonymous, claim they felt pressured to leave the establishment after a cleaner told them their intimacy was inappropriate.

The pair, who both attend Bolton Sixth Form College had been regulars at McDonald's. But now they may never return following the alleged encounter with the "homophobic" cleaner.

Speaking told Daily Star Online Ferenczi said: "Me, my girlfriend and her cousin were sitting down at the table after buying a meal. He got up to go so I went over and kissed my girlfriend on the cheek.

"The caretaker woman then said 'that was not very appropriate'. The way she said it was like 'I think you should leave now'. For kissing my girlfriend on the cheek? We were shocked. We felt awful and walked out – we didn't know what to do and started crying."

Ferenczi challenged the employee, asking her if she was homophobic, but did not receive an answer. She later called the restaurant to pursue the matter.

"I called the manager of the store and he said if it happened again we will talk to her. But that isn't good enough. It has changed my perception of McDonald's and I am probably not going to go back there. We have never experienced discrimination like this before."

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McDonalds lesbian
Kristeen Ferenczi was criticised by a McDonald's cleaner for kissing her teenage girlfriend

A McDonald's spokesperson said: "We are extremely sorry for Ms Ferenczi and her partner's experience and have taken this complaint very seriously.

"An internal investigation is currently underway and we would like to make it clear that discrimination of this nature is wholly unacceptable and not, in any way, tolerated by McDonald's."