Despite thousands of extra police on the streets amid fears of an Islamic State (Isis) terror attack, a group of Belgian teenagers were able to cause New Year's Eve chaos by destroying a car of the platform of a Brussels Metro station. Shocking video footage shows a group of young men pushing a stolen car towards a set of steps leading down to Clemenceau station.

Without any concern for the lives of those on the platform, the teenagers can be heard laughing as they release the small green car and send it hurtling down the steps. Nobody was hurt, although police have confirmed the station was open to the public at the time of the incident.

As the car plunges down the steps, a group of shocked bystanders narrowly avoid being crushed to death as they walk up a separate flight of steps just inches away. A video shows the vehicle flipping over in mid-air and crashing onto the station platform.

Guy Sablon, a spokesman for Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company, was quoted by the Mirror as saying: "People have pushed a small car down the stairs and she ended up on the docks. The car has not yet been removed and it may take some time."

Following the incident trains were suspended in and out of the station for the rest of the evening. The suspension caused delays to the Brussels Metro service on one of its busiest nights of the year.

The potentially deadly prank came amid muted New Year's celebrations in Brussels, where the city's popular fireworks display was cancelled after police learned of a plot, allegedly inspired by Isis (Daesh), to attack the Belgian capital between Christmas and New Year.

The news comes as police in Munich hunt up to seven suspects, thought to be of Syrian or Iraqi origin, after a terror plot engineered to wreak havoc during New Year's Eve celebrations was foiled by security services. Addressing a news conference Hubertus Andrae, the police chief for the city that is slowly returning to normality following the tip-off, said: "We received names. We can't say if they are in Munich or in fact in Germany.