Visitors to Fantasy Island in Skegness, Lincolnshire witnessed the breakdown of a very popular ride on Sunday, July 26. The Millennium roller coaster broke down as it approached a slope. Passengers on the ride were left stuck in mid-air until they were eventually rescued. It took hours for the rescue operation to safely remove all the passengers. Since the breakdown, the ride has been re-opened after maintenance. Park authorities claim that the incident occurred due to a fault in the ride's safety mechanism.

Since amusement parks reopened in the United Kingdom on July 4, families have been flocking to them every weekend. The Ingoldmells amusement park saw many families with young children this Sunday as well. The Millennium roller coaster had been running all day until the incident in the afternoon. The ride, which has been running safely since 1999, came to a grinding halt leaving terrified riders screaming and crying.

The roller coaster car went up a 150-foot incline from where it is supposed to take a thrilling drop. However, the car stopped at the top and failed to continue down the track. Carly Tarry, from Boston, recalled what happened. She was on the ride with her daughter, niece and nephew when the ride lunged forward a bit before coming to a complete halt.

Tarry told Lincolnshire Live that the children were screaming and crying once they realised that something had gone wrong. The park conducted an emergency evacuation as they could not get the car to move. Passengers were released from the safety mechanism of the ride and told to put harnesses on. They were eventually lowered with the help of the harness.

Tarry shared that her daughter faced the situation bravely. The child waited patiently for the rescuers to remove the panicked passengers before being lowered down.

A spokesperson from Fantasy Island confirmed the incident. They said that the ride stopped as a fault in the ride triggered the ride's safety system which was in place to keep passengers safe. They told media that within five minutes of the fault, park workers reached the passengers. All the passengers were safely removed in around two hours.

Since the incident, the ride underwent maintenance and has been re-opened to visitors.

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Roller coaster riders were stuck on the ride for hours. (Representational image) Christopher Furlong/ Getty Images