Tesco closes its six remaining Homeplus stores Reuters

Tesco said it will do its best to find new jobs within its sprawling supermarket business for the 450 employees of its last remaining Homeplus stores, which will now be closed.

Homeplus outlets in Bristol, Bracknell, Nottingham, Denton, Bromborough and Preston will all cease operations in June.

A spokesman for Tesco told IBTimes UK that it would look find the unfortunate employees different roles within the company.

"We've taken the difficult decision to close our remaining six Homeplus stores. Our priority is now to explain what this announcement means for our colleagues and wherever possible, offer them alternative roles with Tesco," he said.

The closures are part of new CEO Dave Lewis's restructuring plans which could affect up to 10,000 of Tesco's staff.

Lewis, who has been nicknamed "Drastic Dave" for his no nonsense approach to business, announced a strategy when he began which involves the removal of an entire layer of management at existing stores.

Lewis has said that he wants to slash overhead costs by almost a third and will make cuts of £250m.

"We have some very difficult changes to make. I am very conscious that the consequences of these changes are significant for all stakeholders in our business but we are facing the reality of the situation," he said.