Tesla is believed to be working on giving its Model S a luxury makeover. The electical automobile manufacturer has recently been the talk of the town, thanks to the launch of its newest car – the Tesla Model 3. However, Model S loyalists will be glad to know that the older version car is also slated to receive a host of new updates.

Tesla Model 3's popularity and demand has been unprecedented, resulting in over 325,000 pre-orders in just over a week of the new car's official launch. While this is a major success for Tesla in making electric cars more mainstream, the manufacturer also faces a serious challenge to ensure its older models remain in demand.

In order to ensure that Model 3's success does not adversely affect the sales and interest in Model S, Tesla is reportedly planning to incorporate a host of updates, which include luxurious design and comfort to keep users engaged. The Model S is slated to receive features similar to the Model X and Model 3 in terms of outward appearance, while ensuring that it retains its own unique design, CNet reported. The car will also reportedly feature LED headlights and additional variety of paint colours to give it an extra oomph factor.

The interiors of the car will also reportedly undergo a change, incorporating the frontal seat design similar to that of the Model X. Customers will also be provided with additional storage compartments, which would include storage slots in doors.

Although the Model S has undergone quite a few changes in the recent past – including its new partly autonomous Autopilot system – the car, being one of the more older models, is presumably ready for a full-on overhaul of its parts. The rumoured upgrades to the Model S indicate that the refurbished model will likely come with a new price tag to correspond with the luxury additions.

Tesla has not commented about the Model S's upcoming changes, impending release or revised price tag.