Members of the team behind Teslagrad, a unique platfomer that focuses on the law of magnetism to solve difficult puzzles, have opened up on their new game in an interview with GamingBolt.

For the uninitiated, Teslagrad was released on the PC last year and will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 this year. It tells the story of one boy's battle as the last teslamancer to outwit soldiers and a despotic King to unveil mysteries and gain powers, with the fate of teslamancers at stake.

CEO Rain Games' Peter Wingaard, lead artist Ole Ivar Rudi and press and community manager Eduardo Garabito from Rain Games, the company behind Teslagrad, answered some important questions on the multi-layered game.

Garabito explained: "The story takes place in the kingdom of Elektropia, a nation which is deeply inspired by Nordic and Eastern European history, art and architecture. It's also inspired by Nikola Tesla, of course.

"In our game, Tesla is not the awesome inventor he was in the real world, but the family name of some special people who are able to control the powers of electricity and magnetism."

When asked if Teslagrad will run on 1080p and 60fps on the PS4, the team responded, "With physics and HD graphics, Teslagrad may not be as light on the resources as one might think, but yes: 1080p and 60fps are pretty safe to assume for the PS4."

Garabito also gave some insight into the kind of Teslamancer technology gamers can expect to get their hands on.

"Teslamancy is kind of half scientific/half magic power as it's presented to the player", he explained. "Items have an important role on how the player progress through the story, granting new abilities and discovering new paths within the tower.

"The game is all around the concept of magnetism, and so are the items! Early in the adventure you find a gauntlet that allows you to change the polarity of certain things, which will be the main tool to solve the initial, tutorial-like puzzles".

And when asked if Sony has made things easy for indie gamers, they said: "Sony's been incredibly helpful to us. The company is making a huge effort to find a place where independent developers feel comfortable, and all their platforms are managing to showcase both AAA super-productions and tiny games which used to be niche.

"Just take a look at indie games presence in PlayStation Vita, it's wonderful. For small studios like ours, jumping into the consoles market is still challenging, but it used to be almost impossible. So definitely they're doing a great work, which we appreciate."

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