The First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas will host a service on Sunday 12 November just one week after the mass shooting that left many of the congregation dead. The official lists of the deceased says 26 people, including an unborn child, were killed in the deady massacre.

According to CNN, the church's pastor is organising the service to be held at a community centre next door, as the church itself is still in need of repair. Pastor Frank Pomeroy was travelling when the shooting took place. His daughter died in the incident.

Authorities said eight of the victims were male and 17 female, with the youngest being around 18 months old, and the oldest, 77 years. 20 people were also injured in the horrific scene.

The shooter, Devin Patrick Kelley, entered the church on Sunday 5 November and opened fire with an assault rifle. According to video from the church, which has been reviewed by authorities, Kelley shot many congregants in the head at point blank range as he made his way down the pews.

An eye-witness reported that he specifically targeted babies, shooting them as he heard their cries.

Investigators have said that they have so far been unable to access data on Kelley's mobile phone, with the Associated Press reporting that the device is an iPhone. Authorites believe Kelley died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after he crashed his car while being pursued by two members of the community.

Kelley was confined and discharged from the air force after allegedly beating his wife and child. Kelley's mother-in-law has reportedly received threatening messages from him and it is thought that some of his in-laws attended First Baptist Church.

The shooting has led to increased calls for stronger gun control laws in America. Though existing laws should have been enough to stop Kelley from purchasing firearms, it has been reported that the Air Force did not report his conviction to federal authorities. Others have argued that Kelley was stopped after being confronted by an armed citizen.