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The "TFT"13.1 B patch finally hit live servers on January 17, 2023, at around 4 pm CT. The update introduced a few changes to "Teamfight Tactics" such as nerfing overpowered traits and Set Eight champions who have been dominating the meta recently.

'TFT' 13.1B Nerfs

"TFT" Set 8, which is still in full swing, gave rise to the appearance of a multitude of comps and metas in Monster Attack. Riot probably noticed that some of the current meta comps are a bit too reliant on certain units that the developer decided to take them down a notch in the "TFT"13.1 B patch. Of course, Riot isn't going to alter the gameplay drastically but is just making some minor adjustments to some comps so other strategies can counter them and sort of balance the playing field.

Perhaps the biggest loser in "TFT" patch 13.1b is Sett. The champion is set to lose a lot of damage with his ability's scaling being reverted at all ranks and the buff to Mecha: PRIME being reverted to previous values, according to Dexerto.

The "TFT" patch 13.1b also nerfed the "Teamfight Tactics" Set 8 champions Urgot and Fiddlesticks, as both heroes are already powerful by themselves and don't require any traits. Urgot's damage slightly decreased while Fiddlestick's spell damage was reverted to previous levels. Despite the nerf, both champions are still forces to be reckoned with.

'TFT' 13.1B Buff

However, the "TFT" patch 13.1b isn't all just nerfs. For instance, the "Teamfight Tactics" champion Jax received a slight buff in the latest update.

The previous "TFT" patch 13.1 has not been too kind on Jax as the Teamfight Tactics champion was heavily nerfed with his attack damage, ability base damage, and scaling all being targeted. This left Jax rather weak, so Riot Games gave him a slight boost in "TFT" patch 13.1b.

TFT Patch 13.1b Notes

Meanwhile, here are the balance changes brought by the recent update.

Sett: Mecha SLAM! Reduction of attack damage spell scaling from 300/ 320/ 800% to 280/ 300/ 600%
Urgot: Attack damage reduced from 80 to 70 and bugfix to the Double Urgot Issue
Fiddlesticks: Dark Harvest spell damage reduced from 111/ 166/ 1000 to 100/ 150/ 900
Jax: Adaptive Strike base damage increased from 100/ 150/ 250 to 110/ 165/ 285

Mecha: PRIME: Reduction of attack damage and ability power bonus: 70/ 50% => 60/ 45%
Prankster: Prankster 3 now heals for the intended amount
Renegade: Base damage reduced from 40/ 70% to 35/ 60%