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"TFT" 13.2 is set to introduce some balance changes to "Teamfight Tactics" when the next update takes place on January 25, 2023. Thankfully, the TFT Patch notes have been uploaded so fans will know what changes to expect.

'TFT' Set 8 champions changes

A few "Teamfight Tactics" champions will be affected by "TFT" Patch 13.2. This time Riot Games is targeting Vel'Koz, Zed, and Janna for some balance changes for testing on PBE servers, according to DOT Esports.

Vel'Koz: Some rework is being done to the champion's spell ability that is stopping an enemy from getting frozen for four seconds after being previously frozen.
Zed: The champion cannot be targeted briefly after teleporting behind his target.
Janna: Minor adjustment is done to the champion's stun from 1.5/2/3 to 1.25/2/10 while spell damage is nerfed from 100/150/3000 to 50/75/1000.

'TFT' Set 8 traits changes

Riot Games is targeting a number of changes to "TFT" Set Eight traits in Patch 13.2. For example, new breakpoints have been introduced in the Underground trait. A new breakpoint, with reduced magic damage per drone, has been added to the LaserCorps trait.

ADMIN: Reduction of a boost to previous tiers at ADMIN six from 200 to 100 per cent.
Anima Squad: Reduction of fame point health per kill from six to five for each member.
Gadgeteen: Gadgeteen units gain 3/7 per cent damage while damage for each equipped item has been reduced.
LaserCorps: Once hit by an attack or initiates attack, a LaserCorp unit's combat drone deals 30/50/80/100 magic damage to the target with a 0.40-second cooldown. Upon death, the drone is reassigned to the nearest living LaserCorp unit.
Ox Force: When an Ox Force unit drops below one health, the unit returns to one health plus gains a one-second immunity to damage.
Spellslinger: It's now just every five seconds as the "at the start of combat" was removed.
Underground: Adjustments to cracking locks and addition of new breakpoints.
Three: Two locks per win and three per loss
Four: Two locks per win and four per loss
Five: Three locks per win and five per loss
Six: Four locks per win and seven per loss

Set 8 'TFT' Augments changes

"TFT" Patch 13.2 also introduced changes to Hero Augments. These include a boost to Jinx, a change to Janna's mana restore, and a buff to Cluttered Mind.

Syndra Empowered Reserves (support): Reduction from six to five of the ability power gained per champion
Jinx Get Excited! (carry): Jinx gains 40 per cent attack speed and movement speed and is even tripled when scoring a takedown.
Miss Fortune Make it Rain (carry): Reduction of gold dropped from 20 to between 10 and 20 after every three-player combat fielded.
Janna Rapid Reporting (carry): Janna gains 50 ability power.
Sett Regenerative Shields (support): The item gained changed from Locket of Iron Solari to Protector's Vow.
Cluttered Mind: If one's bench is full at the end of a round, one gains two random tier-one champions.
Cruel Pact: Heal reduction from three to two at the end of each round
Underground Soul: The item gained changed from Hextech Gunblade to Zz'Rot Portal.