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While some women have gone under the knife to get selfie worthy hands, others have given away their lives in trying to score the perfect selfie.

Mortao Maotor from Thailand has surpassed them all by posting over 200 selfies every week, reported Time Magazine.

Maotor is reportedly in her 40s and married to the owner of an antique gallery, Room of Art, in Bangkok.

She has approximately 21,000 followers on Instagram and usually posts selfies of her face and legs.

So far she has posted an estimated 12,000 selfies over the various social media sites.

Other self-proclaimed selfie kings and queens include:

Mr. Pimpgoodgame, the self-proclaimed 'leader of the selfie movement', comes close, boasting a total of 600 selfies so far. He has over 200,000 followers on Instagram.

Then there's Jen Selter who has nearly 4,000,000 followers and usually posts pictures of her toned behind. Selter has reportedly posted 457 pictures so far.

Even Kim Kardashian, who has recently published her book, Selfish, showcasing 1,200 of her selfies has been defeated by Maotor's 12,000 selfie-run.