Some things never change, and when it comes to internet security, it seems that our terrible passwords were as bad in 2015 as ever before. As has become an annual tradition, SplashData has revealed the top 25 worst passwords of the year.

The security application provider collects millions of leaked passwords published online throughout the year, such as those linked to high-profile hacks like Ashley Madison, and searches for the most common. Anyone hoping for complex passwords to be stolen as often as painfully simple ones will be disappointed with the results.

What follows is a simple lesson in how not to make a password. It is lead by "123456" and "password" but also includes some interesting new entries such as "solo" and "starwars", likely due to the new Star Wars film, which came out in late 2015.

Other shockers include "abc123", "qwerty", "1234" and, for when that little extra security is needed, "12345". Here's the list in full, plus their movement from the previous year:

1. 123456 (Unchanged)

2. password (Unchanged)

3. 12345678 (Up 1)

4. qwerty (Up 1)

5. 12345 (Down 2)

6. 123456789 (Unchanged)

7. football (Up 3)

8. 1234 (Down 1)

9. 1234567 (Up 2)

10. baseball (Down 2)

11. welcome (New)

12. 1234567890 (New)

13. abc123 (Up 1)

14. 111111 (Up 1)

15. 1qaz2wsx (New)

16. dragon (Down 7)

17. master (Up 2)

18. monkey (Down 6)

19. letmein (Down 6)

20. login (New)

21. princess (New)

22. qwertyuiop (New)

23. solo (New)

24. passw0rd (New)

25. starwars (New)

This is a lesson as simple as they get. If you use any of these passwords then please, we beg of you, try something different – and do not use the same passwords for every service you log into. Saying that, we would put money on the list for 2016 looking an awful lot like this one.