Samsung's next fitness tracker images leaked
Images of Samsung's latest fitness tracker Triathlon leaked by Tizen Cafe Tizen Cafe

Samsung seems to be gearing up to launch a new fitness wearable soon. The device, currently only known as SM-R150, is reportedly designed to allow users to wear on either their wrists or pin it to a shirt, on their chest. Leaked images provide a sneak-peek into the tech giant's latest wearable.

Tizen Cafe, an online publication firm, was the first to display leaked images of Samsung's latest fitness tracker, Tech Times reported. The report also alluded to the device being dubbed internally as Triathlon. The leaked images display the device being worn on the wrist as well as pinned up to a shirt. The wearable looks fairly similar to Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatch, although the overall design seems to be closer to the sport version on the Gear S2.

It appears that Samsung's upcoming fitness tracker will be sporting a circular dial, similar to the Gear S2. Interestingly enough, one of the leaked images shows the circular model clipped to a shirt, suggesting that the wearable could come equipped with a heart rate monitor. Reports also suggest that the tech giant's newest wearable will offer more features focused on fitness and activity tracking. According to a Sam Mobile report, the device appears to come equipped to track workout repetitions, water intake and measure body fat.

Rumour has it that the SM-R150 could be the first wearable to operate using Samsung's bio-processor chip, showcased in CES 2016. The chip has been designed to get the most out of devices with small batteries.

Samsung is yet to announce the launch of the Triathlon. However, there are rumours galore that hint at an imminent launch, perhaps at the Mobile World Congress, where Samsung is expected to unveil its three newest phones: the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and S7 Edge+. The Triathlon may be priced at more affordable rates than other fitness trackers, provided it does not come equipped with all of the Gear S smartwatch's features.