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  • Arthur Wenzlaff stole several items from an open casket at a funeral home.
  • He pleaded no contest to all of the charges he was accused of.
  • He will also have to pay a $5,000 fine and be on probation for 5 years.

You should think twice before inviting Arthur Wenzlaff, 76, to your funeral.

This Michigan man was just found guilty of larceny in a building and disrupting a funeral or memorial service, reports the Flint Journal.

During one of his coworkers' father's funeral in Mundy Township, Wenzlaff stole a Detroit Pistons hat, a Timex watch and two bowling alley rings from the casket.

Wenzlaff pleaded no contest to all charges. He has been ordered to spend one day in prison and given a $5,000 (£3,780) fine. He's also barred from attending open casket funeral services.

Wenzlaff's attorney, Michael Manley, said the larceny in a building charge would be dismissed if the former school administrator completed his probation of five years without further incidents.

It was the family of the deceased who pressed that he paid a $5,000 fine to the Humane society. "I know they were very, very upset and they were very vocal," Manley said. "We certainly understand their emotion and Mr. Wenzlaff publicly apologised."

Psychological issues have been raised that could explain why Wenzlaff stole the items from the casket. However, he accepted the plea deal as he "did not want to put the family through the stress of a trial," and is addressing such issues on his own.

Wenzlaff is well known in his community.. He was serving as the director of school and community relations at the International Academy of Flint since 2001. He was also engaged in several project of community service.

"It's our hope that he will be able to continue to perform the community service for the citizens of Flint which he has been known for decades," Manley said.