A BBQ restaurant in the US state of Mississippi was robbed this week by an "amateur" thief, who fell through the ceiling and broke into the place at midnight. In the midst of stealing money, the robber decided to stop his plan to cook dinner for himself, according to a Facebook post by the restaurant.

E & L Barbeque located in Jackson city in Mississippi was robbed at midnight between 24 and 25 May local time.

In a bid to help them find the thief, the owners of the restaurants shared two blurry images of the man on their Facebook page, who they claim robbed the place.

"SHARE SHARE SHARE," the post begins. "E&L BarBQue was robbed last night at midnight by this amateur!"

The intruder reportedly fell through multiple levels of the ceiling as he walked around above it. He was later crawling on the floor "like he was in Mission Impossible and EVEN cooked himself DINNER!" the post said.

The Facebook post was tagged with "#WorldsDumbest #amateur #BBQ".

It said the owners managed to gather some photos showing the intruder's face from the CCTV footage, but they are looking to see if they can get a better one.

They described the incident as hilarious as the thief reportedly tried to break the restaurant's security camera but did not get at the files saved in the hard drive.

"The video is actually hysterical," the post reads, with a laughing face smiley.

"He tried to bust our security monitor, but wasn't smart enough to bust the hard drive where all the evidence is stored," the post said.

As they put it, "This is not the model you want to follow if you want to successfully rob a business!"

Besides making himself a steak sandwich, the thief also reportedly got away with a couple of BBQ plates, the administrator of E&L's Facebook page told The Clarion-Ledger website.

The thief who reportedly spent around two hours inside the restaurant, also did "a couple of other funny things", the restaurant said.

The restaurant also said in its Facebook page's comments section that it would soon be posting video of the thief cooking food. "We think it's too funny not to share," it said.

A thief broke in to a E & L Barbeque, a restaurant in Jackson city in Mississippi and made himself a steak sandwich ~ representational image Miguel Mendez/AFP/Getty Images