Four legged chicken
The chicken has an extra set of legs below its normal pair Weibo

A woman in China found a four-legged chicken and the local authorities said the bizarre animal is still fine to eat, according to Chinese reports. A local official confirmed to Chinese media that though the deformity might put people off, it doesn't affect the chicken's meat.

The woman was the daughter of a local farmer Zhu Zhenwu but did not find the chicken on their farm, it was spotted nearby. Along with its normal set of legs, it has two more lower down its body.

The chicken is thought to be around one month old and has already attracted nearly 50 visitors to the small farm near the city of Heze in Shandong province.

The woman told reporters that the chicken could run around normally despite its extra legs but that she thought it may die soon. When asked if she was going to eat it, she replied that it was too small.

The farm owned by the Zhu family holds around 10,000 chickens but this is the only one known to have this deformity.