Is this Apple's new iPhone or is it just a hotdog? Watch the video and decide.

It may have a radical new form factor and be susceptible to being eaten by your dog, but this new iPhone 6 has one major positive going for it - it tastes much better when you eat it.

Doldo411exclusive look at the "brand new iPhone 6" reveals the radical new look for Apple's latest smartphone. The iPhone 6 is much thicker than the older and certainly more bendy. It is manufactured from Plylar or Tyvak according to "just people at the factory."

Doldo411's teardown reveals the new A61 processor and he has even got his hands on a new case.

Cutting through the BS

Cutting through all the iPhone 6 leaks and rumours, is this video from Dolbo411 (aka actor Joey Romaine) which satirised the constant iPhone rumour-mongering based on the blurriest of leaked images or the most dubious of rumours from anonymous sources who have "knowledge of the matter".

The video was posted by The Second City, a famous Chicago, Toronto and Hollywood-based comedy theatre and school of improv.