Love is in the air for your favourite This Is Us characters this Tuesday as the show returns with a brand new episode titled I Call Marriage. After the heartbreaking glimpse at Jack's funeral in the last episode, the NBC drama will take viewers back to the time when the couple Jack and Rebecca tied the knot.

Watch This Is Us season 1 episode 14 on 7 February at 10pm EST as the show airs a flashback of the wedding. Fans can also live stream the episode on the official website of NBC.

This Is Us seems to be redeeming happier moments this week and giving a miss to the tragic past when Jack died. Tuesday's episode will begin on the steps of City Hall as the newlywed couple shares a kiss to seal their nuptial.

Interestingly, Jack's best friend Miguel will serve as the best man at the wedding and will even treat the guests to an eloquent speech about the time before Rebecca.

"Then Jack started using words like soulmate, and forever," Miguel tells Rebecca at the couple's reception. "He never really said stuff like that until he met you."

However, after the happy wedding scenes, a flash forward will include a shocking reveal from Miguel – who viewers know to be Rebecca's future husband – and his wife Shelly (Wynn Everett) that will have the Pearsons assessing the strength of their own relationship.

In another storyline, Kevin will share some intense moments with his ex-wife Sophie after he showed up at her door unexpectedly last week. "It gets pretty intense and heartbreaking," Justin Hartley, who plays the character, teased. "They're in a really tough spot."

While Kevin will be in a retrospective mood, looking back at his romantic past, his brother Randall will deal with issues of his own. William – Randall's biological father – is deteriorating health-wise and this would serve a major blow to his son, who is yet to come in terms with the fact that there's no recovering for his father.

Will the Pearsons get through this seemingly happy episode without any heartbreak? Don't miss Jack and Rebecca's wedding special that airs this Tuesday on NBC.