Dan Fogelman-created NBC drama This Is Us puts the spotlight on the anxiety-stricken Randall when it airs on Tuesday (21 February). After suffering a series of breakdowns, he was last seen curled-up in a corner of his office room, but things look up for the Pearson family-member when the show returns with episode 16 titled Memphis.

Click here to watch This Is Us season 1 episode 16 via live stream on the official website of NBC. The episode will air on the network on 21 February at 10pm EST.

It was Kevin, who rescued his brother Randall from hisself-inflicted misery last week after sacrificing his own commitments. As an otherwise composed Randall broke down into tears in his brother's arms, it was for the first time that the show revealed a vulnerable side of the character played by Sterling K Brown.

A stickler for discipline, loving father, husband and son, Randall has been everything but weak in the show so far. But shaken by the fear of losing his ailing father – William – he seemed to be losing self-control.

For Randall the reality is not going to change as William struggles through his last few cancer-stricken days, but on the brighter side, he would be getting to spend more time with his long-lost father this week. The father-son duo embark on a road trip to Memphis in the upcoming episode to explore the place where William grew up.

Apart from focusing on Randall and his biological father's relationship, the standalone episode is set to introduce some new characters – including William's cousin Ricky (Brian Tyree Henry).

Meanwhile, Brown dished some details about episode 16 and his character. "[Randall] recognizes that he only has a limited amount of time with William remaining. He doesn't know exactly how long, but he knows it's limited. And so he needs to take advantage of that time while he can," he said.

As NBC drama approaches its season finale and the second standalone episode is expected to be another emotional roller-coaster with some hints for what lies ahead for the big three.