Chris Hemsworth
What can fans expect from Thor 3? Marvel Studios

Thor 3: Ragnarok was announced amid much fanfare last week by Marvel when they unveiled their complete Phase 3 lineup of films. While not much was revealed about the third Thor instalment, rumours suggest that Chris Hemsworth's character could die in the film.

"With possible appearances by Surtur and Thanos being teased, it could mean the God of Thunder could perish, but not be completely gone," states an Enstarz report.

"There could be a giant moment where he perishes during Thor: Ragnarok but the hero could rise again during the second part of the third Avengers for his finale as the character," the website report adds.

How will all this play out? Well, here's one possible theory:

According to Marvel's 'Ragnarok' comic book storyline - following the destruction of Asgard and falling of the Gods, Thor goes missing in action and is presumed dead.

That's when Tony Stark, using a strand of Thor's hair as DNA, creates a clone of the Asgardian, fusing him with Stark technology. This results in the creation of a new cyborg Thor – who then might eventually return in Avengers: Infinity War Part 2.

Chris Hemsworth has a six-picture deal with Marvel and Thor 3 will be his fifth film with the studio.