Thanks to Marvel Studios being so tight-lipped about its upcoming releases, fans will take whatever they can get when it comes to learning anything about them. Luckily now, with the internet and social media at our disposal, little treats often make their way online via the actors or directors involved in the movies.

Following on from Chris Hemsworth's Instagram video announcing that Thor: Ragnarok had begun filming last week, Mark Ruffalo has also taken to his Twitter account to share some set sneak peeks, exposing how "glamorous" it can be to film his scenes as Bruce Banner aka the Hulk.

In the first video he posted, Ruffalo charges forward while donning huge, green Hulk-like hands, while the person behind the camera giggles. The actor captioned the video: "Hello from the set of #Thor3! As you can see, I've got my hands full. It ain't easy being green...."

On the same day as the previous post, Ruffalo shared another clip – this time, filmed himself. All geared-up for some motion-capture work by the looks of things, he jokingly says to the camera in a bored manner: "Hello, all. It's your humble servant Mark Ruffalo waiting to shoot some Hulk scenes in my legendary man-cancelling suit. It's glamorous, but someone has to do it."

In the most recent video, which the 48-year-old shared earlier today (14 July), he offers up another glimpse at his motion-capture suit while also wishing his 2.57 million followers a "good morning". While it may have been around midnight in the UK when he posted it, in the clip he explains that they're filming in Australia and considering they're shooting in Queensland, it would have around 9am so his well wishes make sense.

As expected, the plot of the eagerly-anticipated movie is still very much under wraps, despite the team having started filming. It has previously been reported that Hulk will be a major supporting character alongside Thor in the movie, with the picture being described as a "buddy cosmic road trip" between the two Avengers.

A more recent rumour has also indicated that the movie will lift some elements straight from the popular comics that told the saga of Planet Hulk, but that speculation simply comes from knowing what the big green guy is going to look like in the film. According to JoBlo: "How Thor ends up on the planet in question is unclear, but he will definitely be involved in some gladiatorial games run by none other than Goldblum's Grandmaster. In terms of Hulk's appearance in this portion of the film, he will be rocking the one-shoulder armour as seen in the comics, so expect him to be decked out in the familiar Planet Hulk look."

Directed by What We Do In The Shadows' Taika Waititi, Thor: Ragnarok is scheduled to reach UK cinemas on 27 October 2017. It will be seen on US big screens a little later on 3 November.

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