Actors at the theme park, Thorpe Park, are being told to take off their costumes after work as the craze for people to dress up in scary clown costumes and frighten passers-by continues. Police around the country have warned pranksters that they could face arrest if they choose to take part in the craze.

A spokesperson for Thorpe Park in Chertsey told local site that performers "have to remove their outfits before leaving the park."

The killer clown craze has swept across the UK after seeming to have originated in the US. Numerous sightings have taken place across both countries of people scaring strangers while wearing the scary clown costumes.

Though the police have said that those taking part could face arrest, some members of the public have taken things into their own hands. When a person in a clown mask jumped out at a man in Peterborough, he reacted by punching him in the face. Elsewhere, fancy dress shops have said they will no longer display the costumes or sell them to under-18s.

Last week police handed out what was thought to be the first fine to an 18-year-old who was scaring people outside a school. Along with that, a student from Brunel University was arrested after videoing himself chasing friends with a chainsaw while in costume.