More than 2,500 people have gathered in Berlin for Eurofurence, a convention for "furries" – lovers of anthropomorphic cartoon animals. Many of those attending Europe's largest "furry" convention wear life-sized fantasy animal costumes, while others are fans of those who wear fursuits.

Members of the furry fandom often create their own "fursona" – an animal character. This avatar allows them to express characteristics quite different from their own personalities. Although around 80% of furries are male, many of their avatars are of a different gender.

Conventions like these offer furries and fans of anthropomorphic culture the opportunity to socialise with other like-minded individuals.

Events at Eurofurence include lessons on how to draw various animals, how to write furry fiction and how to create fursuits and give them personalities, as well as adults-only private parties for subgroups of the fandom.

The annual get-together also helps to raise money for animal charities. Eurofurence 2016 aims to help The Painted Dog Conservation, an organisation fighting to save the endangered painted dog or African wild dog (Lycaon pictus). Current estimates put their numbers at about 3,000.

Just look at these two cuties! 😻 @MestisoTiger @swiss_wali #EF22

— Therris 🔜 GLC (@TherrisPawpard) August 19, 2016

We had a very early but absolutely stunning photoshot this morning :D.
But now we need a shower #EF22

— NoXx (@CandyLynx) August 19, 2016

I'm now happily married to this beautiful wolf of mine! @Larkawuff @EDC_LasVegas @PasqualeRotella

— Banshee (@draco751) June 18, 2016

Be sure to check out the charity panel at the art show, featuring great art, plus some special voice auction items!

— Eurofurence (@eurofurence) August 19, 2016

I'm doing free stuff!!! Find me at the artist lounge. I'm Mingorance! #ef22 #eurofurence #eurofurence22

— Stupid werewolf (@stupidwerewolf0) August 19, 2016

Here are some sketches I did yesterday...
Looking foward to see you at my table <3 #EF22 #Eurofurence

— Katara 🍭 (@KataDoodle) August 19, 2016

Want this gorgeous African Painted Dog partial made by Lance Ikegawa? Bid on it at the charity desk in the art show.

— Eurofurence (@eurofurence) August 14, 2016

Being butts at @eurofurence (Also a @Ramawson)

— Captain Otter (@Captain_Otter) August 19, 2016

Ready for @eurofurence! All packed and gonna leave tomorrow afternoon directly from work! @EF_prime ^_^

— part-time Bou (@ShadowEverlost) August 18, 2016

Here's a quick PREVIEW of our fursuit group picture at #ef22 - the real one will be higher resolution.

— EF FursuitPhotoshoot (@EFFursuitPhoto) August 19, 2016

Euroference 22 is being held at the Estrel Hotel in Berlin – Germany's largest hotel with 1,125 rooms – from 17 to 21 August 2016.