A phone with image of Threads app
UK businesses might be at risk as Threads contends popularity with Twitter. Stefani Reynolds/AFP

Since its inception, Threads has been a worldwide sensation as a competitor to Twitter's micro-messaging network. Within a couple of days, 100 million new users have signed up.

The platform's irresistible allure prompted a flurry of stories, with numerous individuals publicly declaring their abandonment of Twitter in favour of Threads. This remarkable exodus towards Mark Zuckerberg's brainchild, a direct competitor to billionaire Elon Musk's Twitter, has raised concerns among digital experts,

However, business owners are being advised to exercise caution before jumping on the Threads bandwagon, so as to avoid becoming entangled in a plan that serves no purpose. According to JDR Group, a UK marketing agency, businesses that fall to the allure of Meta's latest web platform without sufficient planning risk losing valuable time and derailing their sales initiatives.

However, Will Williamson, a Director at JDR Group, which manages internet marketing for hundreds of businesses across the country, believes that companies that rely on traditional social networks should resist the urge to join the stampede for the time being. Threads obviously has potential, he adds, and there are advantages to jumping on board early, not just because it is easier to develop followers and participate in the early days before the site's algorithm begins to prioritise advertisements. However, Williamson emphasised that there is also the risk that it will not be compatible with their business needs or will not be used by their target consumers.

Referring to Meta's former missteps, Williamson pointed out that experts – including Meta with its failed Horizons World VR project – have been wrong about the next best thing before. According to him, it's possible that the next online sensation will come from China, with a new app called Lemon8 waiting in the wings and steadily growing its own following.

Williamson explained that every time a new social media platform launches, there is always a sense of panic, with everyone wondering if they should get involved and what might happen to their business if they don't.

There's no doubt Threads has made a significant impact and has enormous potential, he stressed, but emphasised that we all recall earlier social media platforms that received a lot of attention, but never delivered on their promise, such as Google Plus, which many people anticipated would be the next big thing.

Acknowledging that companies want to gain any advantage they can, Williamson encouraged them to be cautious and do their research before getting involved.

Williamson continued: "Social media takes time and investment and every minute and pound you spend on it is precious and so we wouldn't advise opening an account on Threads until there is certainty about whether it's right for your business."

Over the years, social media has evolved into one of the most important marketing platforms for businesses, and there are now numerous methods for businesses to leverage the power of social media to expand their brands. Williamson suggested that the huge success of Meta and TikTok may well mean that Threads and Lemon8 have the potential to become really important. He, however, believes the days of massive subscriber numbers are over because platforms are becoming more specialised and serving distinct niches.

Williamson stressed that from three or four massive social media platforms ten years ago, he believes that there are now about 50 available, 20 of which we are actively aware of, and new ones are appearing all the time.

This reality necessitates that businesses understand their customer base and identify the social media platform that best aligns with their needs. Seeking counsel and refraining from making major decisions prematurely are wise approaches when dealing with new platforms, he advised.