Singer Sheila Ferguson claimed Prince Charles ruined her chances of finding love after the royal publicly confessed that she is his favourite.

She met the Prince of Wales on his 30th birthday and after she serenaded him, he was instantly charmed and she became his favourite. But before he settled down with Princess Diana and then with Camilla, he reportedly made several attempts to woo her.

However, she had always insisted at the time that there was nothing romantic going on between them. Rumours of their romance seemed to have affected her romantic relations moving forward.

"He ruined my love life, and I'll have no problem telling him next time we meet," she warned in an interview with the Daily Mail.

A member of "The Three Degrees," whose biggest hit was "When Will I See You Again," Ferguson recalled that one time she walked up to a guy while at a disco to ask him to dance with her. He refused and said, "I can't dance with you, you're Prince Charles' favourite."

Ferguson claimed it also affected her chance of meeting people from online dating sites. She said, "Every time I got to who I was, Charles's name came up. I thought, 'I'll never find anyone!'"

Rumours of her romance with Prince Charles have reportedly never been squashed. It was a topic of conversation again last summer after the 74-year-old royal put together a Spotify playlist to send his gratitude to NHS frontline workers. He included The Three Degrees' song "Givin' Up Givin' In."

"He was a fan, he liked our music and if he had a little crush, well so did millions of other guys!" Ferguson shared in a separate interview adding, "At the time I said, 'Look y'all, there ain't never gonna be a black Queen of England,' and I wasn't going to be a notch on his bedpost. I stood firm on that because I felt he was a playboy and that's not the type of guy that I go after."

Ferguson was once married to businessman Chris Robinson in 1980. They have twin daughters Alicia and Alexandria, but they divorced in 2004. It is believed that she and Prince Charles remain friends to this day.

Prince Charles
The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles. Photo: POOL via AFP / PETER CZIBORRA