jamie shaw
Jamie Shaw was jailed for 28 months at Manchester Crown Court Police handout

A homophobic thug has been jailed for over two years after he urinated on, and then punched, a lesbian couple in a drunken attack at a train station in Manchester.

Jamie Shaw has been jailed for 28 months after the incident at Piccadilly Station in Manchester on 30 January last year, when he attacked the pair, who were making their way home after a night out.

The couple, both in their 40s from Dukinfield, say they are now fearful to hold hands in public after the horrific assault. One of the women was knocked unconscious in the attack, to which Shaw of New Mills, Derbyshire, pleaded guilty last month.

It emerged that the incident started after one of Shaw's friends made a disparaging comment about the couple. When the pair replied, Shaw began to urinate on them.

When one of them jumped up to challenge him he punched her on the nose and her partner in the eye, knocking her out.

On Monday 13 February the 26-year-old was jailed at Manchester Crown Court by Recorder Mark Ainsworth, who described the incident as a "disgusting and degrading act".

The Manchester Evening News reports that he told the offender: "This is Manchester in 2017, and frankly the thought of that [homosexuality] being a factor still is quite distressing.

"These two ladies were minding their own business and doing nobody any harm. But they were approached by one of your friends. Almost incredulous, they responded in a courteous manner.

"You did not confront them verbally, instead you urinated upon them. The fact that someone could do that in those circumstances is frankly almost unbelievable."

In a victim impact statement, one of the woman said: "I cry in the bath when I'm on my own away from my partner. I don't want to upset her. Bruises fade away but mentally it never goes away.

"Every time we used to go out we used to hold hands but now we are worried about the reaction from people."

Defending Shaw, defence barrister Ian Johnstone said the offender did not hold homophobic views and was "disgusted" with his behaviour that night.

One count of assault was ordered to lie on file.