Ever seen a boat that can never capsize? The idea might sound outlandish but such vessels have been developed and are doing a great job, no matter how rough the seas are.

Called the "Thunder Child", these boats are meant to be used in high-pressure situations and aid search and rescue missions. They can bear rough water shocks without too many problems, but their true capabilities are seen when the boats overturn completely but still manage to flip themselves upright again – just like in a sci-fi movie.

As seen in the above clip, shared by Frankwildkat, a Thunder Child boat is being flipped with a crane to simulate a capsizing situation.

However, despite being placed upside down with crew inside, the whole vessel gets back to its original position in a matter of seconds.

According to a Daily Mail report, Safehaven Marine, the developer of the 'magic' vessel, designed the boat in such a way that it always stays upright. The company specifically focussed on three main aspects to achieve this – buoyancy, water tightness of the cabin and the boat's centre of gravity.

While automatically closing inlets maintains cabin tightness and keeps water from rushing in, buoyancy and a lower centre of gravity ensures that the vessel stays afloat and returns to its normal position after a few seconds.

Around 130 such boats have been developed and shipped to different parts of the world over the last 20 years, with a majority of coastguards, lifeguards and port authorities using the vessel to rescue stranded sea-goers in rough weather conditions.

The Thunder Child can reach speeds of up to 100kmph and will also be used by the Irish Navy in the near future.

Thunder child
The Thunder Child can flip back to its original position if it capsizes Frankwildkat/ YouTube screengrab