Apple Watch Pong
Beep. Boop. Beep. Boop. Matt Wiechec / Screenshot

You might think that a smartwatch is hardly suitable for gaming, considering their tiny screens. Not so with the Apple Watch now that Pong, the grandfather of the videogame world, has transitioned to Apple's wristwatch.

A Tiny Game of Pong charmingly recreates the back-and-forth thrills of the 1970s Atari classic, with the Apple Watch's tiny screen spanning just enough wrist space to ensure the minimalist tennis facsimile retains its nostalgic fun.

Controlled with the watch's digital crown, the app, which you can download for free from the App Store, includes an endless arcade mode complete with leaderboards, Game Center integration and ten custom colour themes. An in-app purchase of 79p will net you classic mode where you face off against a computer controlled opponent in a high stakes, best-of-three encounter.

The Apple Watch – and smartwatches in general – are fairly new waters for gaming developers, with the most popular gaming apps usually looking suspiciously like retro games under a different name (qf: every single shoddy Space Invaders clone on Android Wear). At least in this case the digital crown is strikingly similar to the rotating wheels found on Pong console controllers from the 1970s.

YouTube / Matt Wiechec

Apple is expected to be holding a media event on the 15 March where it is likely to reveal a new iPad Air and a smaller, awkwardly named iPhone 5se. While the Cupertino-based company is probably not ready to show off its next iteration of the Apple Watch anytime soon, reports suggests it might tease a new range of straps at its next event. At least you now have something to play while you wait.