A mother's worst nightmare came true for Jessi Seagren on Friday, September 18. She mistakenly hit her 17-month-old daughter, Anna Seagren, with the family's car. Paramedics arrived at the scene in Mount Jagged, South Australia. After trying to resuscitate the baby for an hour, she was eventually pronounced dead. The incident is being investigated and it is unclear if the grieving mother will face any charges.

Like every other day, Jessi was driving the family's four-wheel-drive vehicle from their home to a nearby bus stop where her older daughter, 5-year-old Grace Seagren's school bus drops her off. Last week, the routine drive turned tragic outside the family's home on Victor Harbor Road, Mount Jagged.

Jessi was unaware that her youngest child had wandered outside the home and was standing dangerously close to her car. She did not notice Anna when she accidentally ran over her at around 3:45 pm local time. As soon as she realised the terrible mistake she had made, the mother called emergency services.

Paramedics rushed to the scene and provided emergency medical aid. For nearly an hour, they tried to resuscitate the child. Eventually, they pronounced the child dead at the scene of the accident. According to News.com.au, Major Crash investigators also arrived at the scene after the incident was reported. They launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the fatal accident.

Jessi said that as soon as she realised what had happened, she knew that she had lost her child. She and her husband Danny Seagren spoke to local media fondly remembering their daughter. The couple cherished the few months they had with her.

Jessi spoke about how difficult it was to convey the tragedy to their other children. Their daughter Grace and 3-year-old son Jack are too young to understand the situation. The parents told the siblings that their younger sister would not be coming back home and she had become an angel. The heartbroken mother advised parents to be careful, not to rush in their daily activities, and to cuddle their children.

Authorities are investigating the incident and have not announced if the mother will face charges for the child's death.

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Toddler run over by family vehicle being driver by her mother. (representational image) Sean Gallup/Getty Images