Renowned for performing his own stunts, it appeared that Hollywood star Tom Cruise came a cropper while filming in London for the latest in the Mission Impossible franchise.

Footage shows the 55-year-old suffering an injury as he tried to leap from one building to another during the filming of the film's sixth instalment.

The footage from shows the star missing and then banging into the edge of the building he was trying to jump onto, with the help of a harness. He managed to get himself onto the building but then limps away.

He collapsed by crew members and is pulled away to safety. The extent of his injuries are not known.

He is reprising his role as US government operative Ethan Hun, and is continuing his policy of doing his own stunts. In the last Mission Impossible film, he was filmed hanging from a plane.

TMZ reported other dangerous scenes, included one in Paris, where he rode a motorbike into a car before flying through the air, and another in Oxfordshire, where Cruise was photographed parachuting.

When filming Edge of Tomorrow in 2014, he avoided an accident after co-star Emily Blunt was in a high-speed driving scene.

He once told ITV about his attitude to such stunts, saying: "It's not that I don't get scared when I'm doing these things. It's that I don't mind being scared."

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise poses while promoting his latest film 'The Mummy' in Mexico City, in June Reuters