Google has revealed how everybody wants to better themselves in the new year by compiling a top-ten list of 'how to' searches, so if you need any help for what should go on your list then inspiration is at hand.

Google revealed these were search terms that soared in the week before and after New Year's Day 2015 – the time when people are hungry for a change in their lives.

What we learned from the top 10 most-searched terms is that people are way too stressed, they want to get healthier and fancy a change of job. Fairly typical, but some might take comfort in knowing they are not the only ones thinking along the same lines. It is worth noting these are the results from the US version of Google so will no doubt vary for the UK.

Here's the top 10:

1. how to get rid of stress

2. how to make kale chips

3. how much water should I drink to lose weight

4. how to write a resignation letter

5. how to cook lentils

6. how to cook cabbage

7. how to write a letter of recommendation

8. how to cook collard greens

9. how to steam broccoli

10. how to crochet a beanie

The last search is a bit of an odd entry and not a resolution as such but, as Time points out, maybe it is a New Year's resolution to take up a new hobby that inspired it.

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