Santas at SantaCon
Santas at SantaCon. Revellers took to the street for the annual festival (Photo: Reuters) Reuters

Santa Claus has only 24 hours to deliver Christmas presents to people around the globe but thanks to a raft of cutting edge technologies, the fabled quest could actually become a reality.

According to data by the Ruby Media Corporation and, Santa's highly-systematic, technologically-advanced, and expensive operation is worth over $227bn (£139m, €166m).

This includes $37bn worth of Amazon Drones or Gift-O-Copters which will distribute the right gift to the right child while 18 Chinese Supercomputers, worth $800m each, will enable Santa to read billions of gift requests from kids around the world in an instant.

Cyber Santa Claus: Amazon Drones, Supercomputers and Other Cutting-edge Technologies Santa Can Use To Deliver Christmas Gifts
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