With Jeremy Clarkson and his sidekicks enjoying success with their new glossy Amazon Prime show, The Grand Tour, many have forgotten that Top Gear is returning for its 2018 series very soon.

The 25<sup>th series of the BBC2 show is expected to begin around March or April, and sees former Friends actor Matt LeBlanc in the driving seat as the main host following Chris Evans' 2016 departure.

Rory Reid and Chris Harris will also be back for a third time, who have already been busy filming across the country and abroad. We can also expect contributors Sabine Schmidt and Eddie Jordan to make a return, along with The Stig.

The new trailer for the series dropped today (26 January), and shows LeBlanc and friends up to their usual tricks.

The clip shows LeBlanc asking: "Who says we don't do serious car reviews?"

Top Gear fans will also be treated to a glimpse of some of the stunts in store, including a flying car, tractor stunts and "car dancing", whatever that really is.

Though the motoring show received a mixed reception with LeBlanc and Evans as co-hosts, it is hoped that the viewing audience will continue to warm to the former actor and his new helpers, Reid and Harris.

LeBlanc claimed that the new series will not reflect the Clarkson era, stating: "It will be closer to what it was last year versus the season before.

"I think we've tried to broaden the demographic of the show, try to make it not lose the sort of petrolhead nature of it, but maybe open it up to people who aren't so petrol-heady.

"Expand the comedy, try to have bigger, broader films, but it will be more of the same in the sense it starts with the car."

matt leblanc
Matt LeBlanc is fronting BBC2's Top Gear matt leblanc