Fire crews in Northern Ireland say they received over 700 calls for help last night after two hours of torrential rain caused flood chaos across Belfast and County Antrim. Northern Ireland Water said it had 2,800 calls and at one point 1,000 homes were left without power. Today police are asking motorists in some areas not to travel unless in an emergency.

No sooner The Queen had left the city after her historic visit and the now famous handshake with Martin McGuiness than the heavens opened.

Quite a shock for this You Tuber who'd popped into the Cutters Wharf by the river for a drink and ended up being stuck holed up there because of the downpours

The deluge here in Twinbrook shocked residents as they watched sewage floating down the roads of their estate turning the road near the local school and park into something like a river.

And for some people this is what they had to deal with as they tried to get to home from work last night. Cars abandoned left right and centre in this street, gushing drains and people doing their best to wade through it all. Northern Ireland Water and Roads Service has been criticised for being 'caught off guard'. In its defence the Service said the weather conditions which caused the flooding were 'extreme'

There's an amber warning from The Met Office still in place because there's still a risk of more flooding later and so they're asking local people to 'be prepared'.

Written & Presented by Marverine Cole