Total War: Rome 2
Total War: Rome 2 beta patch notes was released by the studio.

The recent "Total War: Warhammer 3" update just arrived earlier this month, bringing tons of rebalancing changes to even out the playing field. But the next update could introduce even more radical changes to the gameplay, which changes the rules of the game by permanently removing units that are killed on the battlefield.

At the moment, nothing is yet final as to what "Total War: Warhammer 3" update 2.2 will bring when it arrives sometime in October. However, Creative Assembly shared some possibilities in the notes for the recent updates on what future updates might bring.

The studio said that it is considering changes to the rules regarding battle, specifically those that govern defeated units and re-summoning. "Looking forward, we are considering a change which would result in killed units remaining dead," Creative Assembly wrote.

Such rule changes would significantly change the battle tactics that players need to employ. "It would be impossible to re-summon a unit that was killed in battle," the studio added. "It would (ideally) increase the importance of clean micromanagement. If you're able to successfully withdraw a unit, they would regenerate—allowing you to re-summon them into battle later on."

Creative explains that the planned changes will favour ranged factions, but gamers can still give their feedback. "In the end, we believe these changes would result in an overall advantage to ranged factions: who will now have the time to use up most/all of their ammunition, and then can withdraw those 'Spent' units to gain a supply refund," the company added.

Meanwhile, the recent 2.2 update introduced a host of changes to the game. For instance, Dwarfs gained spell resistance and additional movement option while buffs were introduced to Hammerers.

Stationary vortex spells were deemed too overpowered that they have been rebalanced to give targets a chance to react. The same is true for Helman Ghorst who got "some necessary tweaks to bring him into balance with the rest of the battlefield."