The has already been viewed more than three million times
The has already been viewed more than three million times

In a bid to get their movie-making heroes to notice them, two American teenagers have spent two and-a-half years recreating Pixar's 1995 classic animated film Toy Story shot-for-shot with real toys.

Jesse Perrotta, 19, and Jonason Pauley, 21, began work on the full-length remake of the film in June 2010. It cost $1,000 (£620) to make and involved them enlisting the help of 150 friends.

The pair uploaded the 80-minute film on to YouTube where it has beenviewed more than three million times.

The reason for this incredible example of fandom? For the chance to visit the Pixar Animated Studios in Northern California to meet the team behind other classics such as The Incredibles, Up, and Monster's Inc.

"[Pixar] doesn't let people in unless you've done anything," Pauley told the East Valley Tribune. "But I'm pretty confident there's a group of people who made a Pizza Planet truck in California and they got in."

The pair originally held off uploading their video for fear of breaching copyright but were given approval after dropping off a DVD of the full-length film at the Pixar studios.

Released in 1995, Pixar's Toy Story was the first fully digitally animated film and was regarded as an instant classic.

The live-action remake, which features the voice-overs from the actors from of the original movie and the full soundtrack, can be seen below.