Pregnant woman
A pregnant doctor in Egypt suffered a miscarriage while operating on another pregnant patient, but continued the caeserean procedure to ensure the woman delivers a healthy baby Ian Waldie/Getty Images

In an unfortunate incident, a pregnant doctor suffered a miscarriage while performing a caesarean surgery on her patient. However, the pain and profuse bleeding did not prevent the doctor, Mervat Mohamed Talaat, from stopping the procedure.

Talaat, who worked at the obstetrics and gynecology department of Luxor General Hospital in Cairo, reportedly insisted on completing the surgery to ensure the mother delivered a healthy baby and the duo were in good health.

After delivering the baby, Talaat handed the remaining procedure to another doctor and was taken out of the operation theatre. She was then transferred to another room at the hospital for treatment.

Her pregnancy was ectopic in which the feotus grows outside the uterus, eventually leading to a miscarriage, Al Arabiya quoted local dailies as saying. Doctors at the hospital suspect that work pressure led to deterioration in Talaat's condition and continuous surgeries did not allow her the time to undergo a checkup herself.

On the day of the incident, Talaat had three surgeries scheduled, local media reports stated.

Soon after the news spread in the Egyptian capital of the female gynecologist's dedication to duty, there were demands that the state honour the doctor.

The governor subsequently decided to acknowledge Talaat's dedication and honour her work. Chairman of the Luxor Doctors Syndicate Ahmed Hamza also said that the syndicate would award Talaat for her selflessness.