New Gaddafi interrogation videos
New Saadi Gaddafi interrogation videos have emerged screenshot

New videos have emerged reportedly showing security officials threatening Colonel Gaddafi's son Saadi during interrogations in Tripoli, only a fortnight after videos showing him being tortured were released.

He was extradited from Niger in 2014 on charges over crimes including killing a football player during his time as head of the Libyan football federation under his father's dictatorship.

In the new video, an interrogator tells a blindfolded Saadi: "You can talk by yourself or our guys will make you sit on a bullet from a 23mm gun so we will have all the information."

Another official tells him: "Abdullah Senussi's ribs were broken when he entered here," in reference to Gaddafi's former intelligence chief. The interrogators demand he tells them about his connection to Islamists and other rebel groups. "They will hurt me. I swear to God they will hurt me," Saadi replies.

In a video released two weeks ago, Saadi is tied down and his soles are beaten. Men are heard screaming while being tortured in the next room. The new videos appears to have been filmed during the same interrogation, with him in the same room, wearing the same green tracksuit top.

After the videos were released, the Libyan government invited journalists to see Saadi in his cell to prove he was not being mistreated. "Everything is OK in the prison. They treat me well," Gaddafi said, and protested his innocence, calling on the government to release him, Reuters reported.

The Libyan government is currently battling rebel factions including the Islamist Libyan Dawn alliance for control of the country. Gaddafi's eldest son, Saif al-Islam, was recently sentenced to death in absentia. He is currently being held by a rebel group in an area outside government control.