True Blood Season 7
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New episode of True Blood Season 7, titled 'Death Is Not The End' will air tonight (Sunday, 13 July) and fans will get to see what transpires after the shocking developments in last week's episode.

Last week's episode 'Fire in the Hole' also saw Sarah Newline's (played by Anna Camp) return to the series. During her latest interview with TV Line, Camp spoke about the major deaths in the final season of True Blood (Many beloved characters have already been killed off, including Tara and most recently, Alcide).

"There're wasting no time getting down to the final core members of the show," the actress explained.

The show's executive producer Brian Buckner told Entertainment Weekly in an earlier interview, "It's the final season of 'True Blood', so gone are the days where we pull our punches. Heads are gonna roll."

True Blood Season 7 Episode 4 titled Death Is Not The End, will be airing Sunday, 13 July, at 9 pm ET on HBO.

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