True Blood Season 7
True Blood Season 7.

True Blood fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the seventh and final season of the show. And ever since reports surfaced that a major character will die in the new season, fans can't seem to stop speculating if it is Eric Northman (played by Alexander Skarsgard).

TV Guide has reported that Season 7 will contain a brutal and gory attack by the Hep-V vampires against the town of Bon Temps. Spoilers have revealed that this will spark a war or conflict that results in the loss of a primary character.

Skarsgard recently addressed rumours suggesting his character Eric is dead saying, in an interview with TV Guide: "He's surrounded by a lot of wet snow. That might give you a hint. The environment of northern Sweden helps him quite a bit."

Fans are speculating that Eric might return in episode 2 of season 7 based on the episode's title – I Found You.

After the final scene of Season 6 (below) showed Eric go up in flames under the sun, many believed he would never return to the show, according to BreatheCast.

Skarsgard also spoke about the upcoming Jason-Eric sex scene, which features as part of a dream sequence, saying: "It was written like an Argentinean telenovela, totally over the top. It was tough because Ryan is incredibly funny. I couldn't stop laughing."

Meanwhile, the cast is dealing with the prospect of the show ending.

Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason, opened up about it in an interview with Bello Mag, saying: "I feel like I've sort of set myself up well beyond where I thought I would ever be. So it's time to take stock of where I am, smell some roses and eventually make a pretty selective next decision."

Show creator Alan Ball has said that the final season will go 'back to basics' and reintroduce the original premise of the series, according to a report in Enstars.

True Blood season 7 will air on 22 June at 9pm on HBO.