President Donald Trump's trip to his own luxury resort this weekend could cost US taxpayers more than $3m (£2.88m) for the billionaire to attend two events at properties he owns. The US president has headed to his Mar-a-Lago luxury resort in Palm Beach, Florida, along with his wife, Melania.

Trump will spend Saturday and Sunday night (4-5 February) at the 126-room property, which White House spokesman Sean Spicer dubbed the "winter White House". The property mogul is expected to attend the International Red Cross Ball charity ball at the resort on Saturday and a Super Bowl gathering at his Trump International Golf Club on the Sunday night.

Both of Trump's properties are set to financially benefit by the president's presence at the events.

During his trip, he also plans to take phone calls foreign leaders from countries including New Zealand, Italy and Ukraine.

In an estimate published in October 2016, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that a trip to the Florida resort could saddle taxpayers with a $3.6m (£2.88m) bill, according to an analysis of a comparable 2013 trip made by former President Barack Obama.

The cost of the 2013 trip was incurred by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which oversees the US Secret Service, which is responsible for the security of the president and the First Family, and other senior government and figures, including the vice-president. The expenses incurred by the security force and staff who accompany the president are paid for by the US taxpayer.

In addition to Secret Service protection, Trump also has bodyguards provided by a private security firm.

It is understood that presidents pay for their own and their families' lodging, food and incidentals while on vacation, which is why many choose to stay in friends' accommodation or at the official White House retreat at Camp David.

Much of the cost is incurred by flying Air Force One which costs around $200,000 (£160,000) per flying hour, according to conservative nonprofit organisation Judicial Watch.

Trump Mar-a-Lago 1
Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. REUTERS/Joe Skipper/File Photo

If the trip is for official business the government bears the cost, but if the trip is political in nature those travelling reimburse the government "the equivalent of the airfare that they would have paid had they used a commercial airline", according to the Congressional Research Service.

Judicial Watch told Politico that they plan to make an official Freedom of Information Act request on Monday for a full accounting of Trump's travel costs for the Mar-a-Lago trip.

"I hope he reflects on the costs of doing that and sees if there's any savings to be achieved," said Tom Fitton, president of the group. "He should check out Camp David and see if he can make better use of that."

The Huffington Post reported that the annual Red Cross event has been held at Mar-a-Lago before. A review of tax forms suggests the charity will be expected to pay more than $300,000 (£240,000).

Trump Mar-a-Lago
U.S. President Donald Trump walks with his wife Melania Trump on the tarmac after he arrived on Air Force One at the Palm Beach International Airport for a visit to his Mar-a-Lago Resort for the weekend on February 3, 2017 in Palm Beach, Florida. President Donald Trump is on his his first visit to Palm Beach since his inauguration. Joe Raedle/Getty Images