The father of the Tunisian gunman who killed 38 tourists, has spoken of his shame on learning that the terrorist is his own son.

Seifeddine Rezgui, 23, killed 38 people in a beach massacre on Friday (19 June). 30 of the victims were British holiday makers. They were killed in cold blood as they sunbathed on the beach of the Imperial Marhaba Hotel.

He was eventually killed by a Tunisian policeman as he prayed in a side-alley in the coastal town of Sousse.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, posting a sickening tribute to the former engineering student online in which they hail him a 'soldier of the Caliphate.'

Today his father, Hakim Rezgui, described his anguish saying he felt as though he had 'died along with the victims.'

Speaking after being released from police custody in the Tunisian capital, Mr Rezgui told ITV news: "My god, I am so shocked. I don't know who has contacted him, influenced him or who has put these ideas in his head. My son had no problem with anyone. But I don't know who has changed his mind, influenced him and who has warped his mind.

"I wish there had been no victims, no one hurt. I wish it had never happened. Because when I see the victims I think it could have been my own family. I had no idea and I am really sorry. I am upset to see those victims. I feel the loss of the families so strongly. I feel like I have died along with the victims.

"I am so ashamed for me, for his mother, for all our family. My son lost his life and he has lost our lives too. He has lost his life, his studies, his future and he's ended our lives too."

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Seifeddine was an engineering student who, since moving to university, was increasingly detached from his family.

Relatives have described him as a 'blank page', adding he was secretive about his life but had shown no signs of engaging in extremist activity.

Speaking from the family home in Gaafour, his uncle, Ali Bin Muhammad Rezgui, said the youngster had been acting 'normally' in the days before the atrocity.

"He was with me on Thursday. We sat in the garden and he was perfectly normal."

A chilling 55-second video has emerged showing the Tunisia gunman shortly after his deadly rampage on the Sousse beach.

Twelve Britons remain missing while 15 have been confirmed dead following the attack on Friday which is the largest act of terror on the British people since the 7/7 bombings.