The daughter of Turkey's President has claimed women should be reserved a lesser share of inheritance because it is the men who bring bread to the table.

In comments echoing her father's claim that men and women are not equal, Sumeyye Erdogan, 29, told a Brussels conference on women in the Muslim world that sons should be preferred to their sisters when it comes to dividing family assets.

"They ask why daughters are given lower shares from a will while sons receive more. But when we look closely, we see that men are assigned the responsibility for bringing the bread home, while women are not. So naturally giving higher inheritance shares to men is normal, fair and righteous," she was quoted as saying by opposition-leaning newspaper Hurriyet Daily News.

"For instance, a married couple can both work. But the man should give some of his income to his wife, while the woman decides herself how to spend her own money."

Her remarks are likely to enrage feminists and the secular society that are already at loggerheads with her father, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), who are no strangers to sexist and degrading comments regarding women.

In November 2014, the conservative president claimed women they should stick to their unique role in society, motherhood, leaving "male jobs" to men.

He earlier said every Turkish woman should have three children, while, in July 2014, one of his ministers went as far as saying that women should not laugh in public.

Erdogan has increasingly shifted towards religious conservativism during his more than 10 years in power, with Turkey seeing the implementation among others of stricter laws on abortion and proposals to limit the use of morning-after pill.