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JoeDaddy505's channel has been closed due to "terms of service violations". Twitch

A Twitch user was allegedly caught abusing his partner after he left audio capture running following a video game live-stream. The original stream and its user's social media feeds have been deleted, but copies of the audio have been uploaded across the web. The online response has included condemnation of Twitch users who apparently joked while listening to the alleged assault.

The audio is from a stream hosted on user JoeDaddy505's channel, but the channel has since been closed due to "terms of service violations". Asked about the channel's closure by Jezebel, Twitch recited their policy when it comes to making reports to law enforcement, stating: "Twitch reaches out to appropriate law enforcement in cases where there is a credible threat of imminent physical harm or actual harm to others."

The audio, which we have listened to but will not link to here for obvious reasons, has been doing the rounds online. Some YouTube videos have been pulled, others remain active, racking up huge amounts of views.

In the audio a male is heard verbally abusing a woman who he calls a "whore", "bitch" and "slut". He also accuses her of cheating and makes derogatory comments about her vagina.

Throughout the audio, the woman is heard to be in great distress, screaming and crying constantly. At one point she can be heard saying she'll call the police, but for the most part she's screaming so loudly it's impossible to hear what she's trying to say.

On Reddit, users have expressed their disgust at both the apparent crimes taking place and the comments from Twitch users watching at the time that it happened. The video we watched is of multiple people watching/listening on their phone, with some of them laughing at the unfolding horror.

Some who listened to the broadcast are concerned the assault may have been rape with one Redditor saying: "What we heard was domestic violence and possible rape/sexual assault. It should be spread around as much as possible so this guy gets locked up."

With allegations on both Reddit and Twitter about the nature behind the recording, JoeDaddy505 himself reportedly attempted to clarify what had happened on Instagram.

An alleged screengrab of what was said reads [sic]: "We had an argument couple days ago and she brought it back up on stream so I might have got upset. NO I did not rape her. I hit her and fell on top of her and hit her again I know I shouldn't have done that. It's a f***ked up move I made. I'm sorry." His account, however, has since been hacked by Anonymous.

In further comments, screen grabbed by Twitter user SirSiegery, he supposedly said: "I was drunk but she hit me first and called me a bitch so yes I had to do what I did."

Many users at the time and since having heard the audio have said they would contact police about the matter, but it's currently unclear if any investigation is taking place.