Twitter emoji
Twitter would soon offer you a new way to react to tweet posts Getty Images

The recently introduced heart symbol is not the only way you can respond to a post on Twitter. You will soon get a wide variety of options to express your reaction, as it now appears that Twitter is testing emoji-based reaction.

It was first discovered by a user running the Twitter handle _Ninji. He apparently used a jailbreak tweak - Flex - to enable these emojis, which include various facial expressions such as smiley, frown face, crying face, the 100 and more. He says the emojis are unfinished versions and were disabled by default, but since the code was present he managed to enable them with Flex version 2.

I can't believe they're finally letting me 💯 tweets
(The best part is that it's not even a joke, I just found this…)

— Ninji (@_Ninji) November 16, 2015

I love how the unfinished Twitter emoji favourites feature lets you 💩 tweets. Bet I'm gonna get a lot of those

— Ninji (@_Ninji) November 16, 2015

Emojis have gained a lot of popularity as they present a unique way to respond to a post on social networking platforms. Twitter coming up with different emojis is definitely a welcome change, as its users get the option of tweeting in a different manner. Here is how Twitter responded to this matter with an emoji.

In early November, Twitter introduced the heart symbol calling them 'likes', while replacing the star icon for 'favourites', although it did not get much love. The heart is now available on Twitter for iOS and Android,, TweetDeck, Windows 10, and on tweets across the Internet. The company promises to make it available soon on Vine for iOS and Twitter for Mac.

The heart, as claimed, is more expressive and enables users to convey a range of emotions and easily connect with people. In its test, Twitter says that "we found that people loved it."