X Factor star Sam Bailey faced a storm of abuse on social media after reportedly making a comment calling for UK borders to be closed in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks. The winner of the 2013 series faced a huge backlash from other users of the social networking site who labelled the mum-of-three 'ignorant', with one even telling her to 'kill herself'.

The 38-year-old reacted to news of the Paris attacks on Sky News writing: "'OMG I think it's time to shut our borders! It's only a matter of time before this happens in England. Keep safe people and be vigilant."

Bailey immediately faced a backlash from Twitter users who accused her of being "ignorant" and "racist" and allegedly subjected her to death threats. The Skyscraper singer deleted the tweet, but defended her comments in a series of tweets saying she didn't deserve death threats, adding that she was being misquoted and was entitled to her opinion.

"Tweets deleted due to the amount of abuse I've received! I know what I meant and I apologise if people didn't! I don't deserve threats though!" she said.

"Tonight I've been called fat, ugly, b***h, told to kill myself and worse! Put on Sky News! All because I said what lots are thinking! Prayers for France

"Stop abusing me for having an opinion! Even if you think it was a s**t one! Say a prayer for France! It could be us next unless something is done!"

The former prison guard also reached out to Hollywood star Rob Lowe who similarly was on the receiving end of online abuse after criticising French president François Hollande's speech immediately after the attacks which left 129 people dead and over three hundred injured, 99 of them critically.

Showing his solidarity with Paris he wrote: "'Vive La France'. Howver he the criticised President Hollande for his speech in which he condemned the attacks on his citizens as "an act of war".

Lowe responded writing: "This is either the worst translation of an important speech ever, or one of the worst ever given #Hollande'."

Commentators on Twitter described it as "the worst tweet of all time".

Australian model Imogen Anthony was also at the centre of controversy after she posted an image of herself posing topless in a black balaclava and making a shooting gesture with her hands, as news of the Paris terror attacks emerged.

The 24-year-old deleted the post minutes later after a follower pointed out her poor timing.

129 people were killed and hundreds more injured on Friday, 13 November as terrorists acting on behalf of Islamic State coordinated a wave of attacks across the French capital. Seven attackers were killed during the siege, six having killed themselves with suicide explosive belts, and one being shot by a police officer in the Bataclan theatre.

An international manhunt has been launched by French police for man who is believed to have been involved with the Paris attacks. Abdeslam Salah is one of three brothers believed to have been involved in the coordinated attacks which left 129 dead and hundreds more injured on Friday, 13 November.

One of Salah's brothers is believed to have died during the attacks. A third was arrested in Belgium.