Met Gala 2016 saw Beyonce in a cream-coloured latex gown with nude lips and heavy eye make up. Getty

Songstress Beyonce recently surprised fans with her incredible music and distinct fashion in her latest album titled, Lemonade. And at the 2016 Met Gala, her admirers were sure expecting Queen Bey to showcase an outstanding outfit. Well, from what Twitter posts suggests, it seems like fans were left disappointed.

The 34-year-old singer seemed to have been inspired by close friend Kim Kardashian's latex-love as she walked down the red carpet in a custom Givenchy latex gown.

Unfortunately, the Formation singer's nude-coloured outfit complete with pink embellishments failed to appeal fans the way she expected. A user tweeted, "Beyonce is literally wearing a giant condom to the Met Gala and everyone is still like "YASSSS SLAY" [sic].

Some even took digs at the expensive latex dress that failed to make the Halo singer make it to the best dressed list. "Beyonce wearing my college tuition like it's nothing," a user shared on Twitter.

In the past the pop-star had never shied from trying bold outfits that were in sync with the aesthetics of fashion and latest trends, but somehow her look at the 2016 Met Gala did not go down well with fans.

The Internet was soon flooded with flooded with memes, poking fun at the singer. "Beyonce wearing my college tuition like it's nothing," a user shared on Twitter.

The singer-performer was in the midst of her World Tour when she took a short detour to attend the coveted fundraiser gala, no wonder she looked tired with her make-up not being up to the mark.

While the mother-of-one kept it minimal at accessories including jewellery, she sported nude lips and dramatic smokey eyes. Talking about drama, Twitter users added to the fire by cracking "Becky" jokes about her gothic make up.