The Teesside Crown Court has banned Gary Fenton and Bryan George from contacting the victim and they will now be registered as sex offenders - Representational Image Victor / Flickr

Two cousins who took turns to rape a teenage girl in the year 2001 have been jailed for nine years each by the Teesside Crown Court on Wednesday (8 November).

The two men, 38-year-old Gary Fenton and Bryan George, 48, forced themselves on the girl at Fenton's flat in Redcar, North Yorkshire, ignoring her pleas for them to stop.

During the trial, the duo denied the rape allegations, but it was alleged that they manhandled her, took her into the bedsit and forced themselves on her.

The men, who even gave evidence denying the crime, were convicted of rape after four-and-a-half hours of consideration.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said that they took her to Fenton's flat.

She said she felt weak and said "stop" and "please don't" as they sat her on a bed, Teesside Crown Court heard, according to Gazette Live reports.

"I was frightened for my life."

She said it was Fenton who laid her down and told her "it'll be all right" and he shushed her like a child.

The men had unprotected sex with her and she said she kept pleading them to stop. "It felt like a lifetime," she added, according to Mirror website.

The girl said that Fenton sat next to her and told her, "I can hear you begging" and insulted her. "I was just scared. I wanted to go home. I felt dirty. I felt sick."

The victim, now an adult, said that she ran away after the two had left the room. She did not tell anyone for years until she found the courage last year and reported the crime to the police.

George and Fenton told the court that there was a sexual encounter involving them and the girl, but it was consensual and it was the girl who had called them to have sex.

"Despite her protestations, you had your way with her on more than one occasion," Judge Peter Armstrong said.

"She saw the two of you whispering, obviously planning what was to happen.

"The two of you have stood trial and both claimed that the sexual activity was with consent. The jury saw through that and have convicted you," the judge added as he passed the sentence.

The two do not have previous sexual offending cases registered, but Fenton has a history of violence against women.

Fenton was even jailed in 2010 for five-and-a-half years for wounding with intent after he hit his then partner with a glass on her face. He is already serving a four-year sentence imposed for a string of serious assaults in Cardiff where he punched, kicked and stamped on a woman, causing a punctured lung and fractured ribs.

George and Fenton were given restraining orders by the judge, banning them from contacting the victim and they will be now be registered as sex offenders.