Two and a Half Men Season 12 Premiere Spoilers: Walden and Alan's Gay Wedding and Charlie Sheen to Return?
The popular sitcom returns on CBS on 30 October. Two and a Half Men/Facebook

Two And A Half Men returns tonight with its final season and fans are waiting to witness the gay wedding between Alan (Jon Cryer) and Walden (Ashton Kutcher).

The popular sitcom by CBS will return for one last season on 30 October and will feature the gay marriage between the top two characters after which Alan and Walden plan to adopt a child together.

Apparently Kutcher's character will face a serious health scare which will force him to 'add meaning to his life' by adopting a child.

However, realising the outcome of his important decision he will propose to Alan who will accept it wholeheartedly.

According to Cartermatt, Cryer and Kutcher's characters will face 'real problems' like any other married couple.

Meanwhile, rumours about Charlie Sheen who was keen to make a comeback in the series has been thwarted by Kutcher during the Conan O'Brein interview. He said "You know, I just kinda stopped listening to things Charlie Sheen says."

"Charlie Sheen has become a parent on Charlie Brown to me. 'Wah waah waah wah...' And I just keep saying thank you for the great job!" he added.

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