Flinders Street Station
Two men were caught on camera having sex on Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, Australia - File Photo Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Startling passengers at a busy train station in Melbourne, Australia, two men allegedly stripped naked before romping in full public view on Saturday (25 November). The duo were arrested after their act was caught on camera.

The incident took place on a platform at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, where the two naked men, aged 22 and 25, first began dancing around a stolen pot plant and then started getting intimate.

The video of the incident that took place around 11pm local time (12pm UK time) showed one of the men standing close behind the other and rubbing his genitals up against him, the Daily Mail reported. After a while, the duo is seen putting their clothes back on.

According to the Herald Sun website, police confirmed that the two men were allegedly seen naked on the platform and had even stolen two pot plants from outside Melbourne Town Hall.

An eye witness at the station, Samantha Lenkic, told Daily Mail that she, along with many other people on the platform, saw the pair romping in public. Among them was an elderly woman who started yelling at them, she added.

"I've never seen anything like it, I was stunned... it was quite gross and not clearly something I want to see.

"Others were shocked, some people were laughing watching it all unfold," she noted.

Based on the video, the two men were arrested and charged with willful and obscene exposure, and theft.

Earlier on 26 August, a similar incident was reported in London. An unidentified pair was filmed romping in broad daylight on a platform at a London train station and once they were done, they casually pulled their trousers up and jumped onto a London Overground train.

A passenger who captured the spectacle wrote on Twitter: "Hackney Downs is a different place uno [you know], how's a man clarting [having sex with] this ting at a train station."

In another incident that took place on 21 September, a Bridlington couple were caught on the CCTV having sex at a Domino's pizza counter after ordering a stuffed crust pizza. Daniella Hirst, 28, and partner Craig Smith, 31 were later jailed for the offence.

A woman was also filmed allegedly having sex with a stranger on a Ryanair flight that made international headlines. The incident took place on 9 June, and the 39-year-old called it "a lap dance" when she was identified and questioned by local media outlets.

"I am absolutely mortified. What started as a bit of drunken madness has gone worldwide. I am horrified but absolutely nothing happened. I haven't stopped crying since I saw it. I am so embarrassed," she later added.