Tyler Perry shared his thoughts on how the royal family treated Meghan Markle in the final episode of the Netflix docuseries "Harry & Meghan."

The "Madea" star compared the treatment of the former "Suits" actress to how his own father abused his mother. He came upon this observation when he received a call from the Duchess of Sussex from Canada.

At that time, the couple was desperate to get out of the country before borders start to close because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was also during that time that the royals stripped them of their security and they did not know who to turn to.

Perry had offered his support to the couple in the message he sent to Meghan Markle before the royal wedding. She and Prince Harry had never personally met the director before she called him years after he first offered his help.

The 53-year-old recalled he could "hear the fear" in the duchess' voice and said that "it was palpable." Perry remembered the conversation they had in which she opened up about her fears.

"She was afraid of them destroying her or going crazy or them making her think she was crazy...This woman was abused and so was he (Prince Harry)," he said in episode 6 of "Harry & Meghan."

Perry claimed that the royal family took the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's security so they would be forced to return to the U.K. He likened the royals' actions to a "batterer" and said, "To use the institution to try and do all the things a batterer would do, like 'We're gonna cut off the money. We're not gonna leave you security. We're gonna do all those things to make you comply and come back.'"

Perry added, "And for the both of them to have the wherewithal to say, 'I don't give a damn if it's the palace. I'm out of here.' I applauded that."

In the end, Perry chartered Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, mum Doria Ragland, Archie, and their two dogs out of Canada. He also offered his Beverly Hills mansion and his security team to them so they could try to live a normal life, under the radar, before they could find their own home in Montecito.

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